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This past Monday, I decided to help another

1 May

This past Monday, I decided to help another group with some issues they were having. Being in the server group with no issues on the server, there was not much else for me to do at the time. I looked on with Sompop on the Slideshow application, and helped him get it to work properly. The idea of the coding was done well, but there were a few syntax errors. The slideshow whould not change pictures after changing once at first. After a few syntax changes, the slideshow would run through cleanly. The only problem remaining was that it would not restart the slideshow. This problem was solved by changing “pageinit” to “pageshow.” This started the slideshow whenever that picture was shown, rather than whenever it was initialized. After this, the slideshow was working properly, and it could be pushed back into the development branch.


After this, I used Mike’s iPad to go through what we had put together so far. I was looking for any possible bugs. Mike’s iPad only has the free version of KioskPro, so it was difficult to find errors. One thing that I noticed was the dialog box that pops up when completing the puzzle. The title of the dialog box says We brought this to the attention of the puzzle team so they could try to get rid of that. Other than that, no bugs or issues were found.