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CS-401 Week 3

10 Feb

This past week, there were some complications. I could not make it to class on Monday due to some car troubles. My car had to be brought to the mechanic, and I did not have another way to get to the campus. I read online that we were breaking up into groups this week, and later on in the week I talked to a few classmates about the database. I feel that I will most likely be joining in with this group. This was not a very eventful week for me, seeing as I could not make it to class. Other than this, during the week I looked at some links that Professor Wurst provided. This coming week will be much more productive.


CS-401 Week 2

4 Feb

This past week, we had our first meeting as a class. This meeting took place at the Worcester Art Museum, where we met the members of the staff that we will be working with on this project. Before discussing the project, Professor Wurst went briefly skimmed over the syllabus and the course requirements. After this, Katrina Stacy and Tim Furman told us about the project and some general guidelines for what they expected. For the most part, they were providing an outline to build upon. They were very open to new suggestions, and this allowed for new ideas to be juggled around for a while. These ideas might be implemented at a later date, but for now it is just speculation.

After this, we went to the conservation lab of the museum. This is where works of art are treated and cared for when they are not on display. This is where they are restored. Here, we were informed of what exactly happens in the conservation lab, and then we were directed over to the three statues (our main focus of the project). We were given a history of the statues themselves, and how they were acquired by the Worcester Art Museum. This allows us to know a little bit more about what we are working with for this project.

As I expected (and can already tell), this class is going to be much different than anything I have done before. It is going to take a bit of time to adjust to the changes, but I am ready to take that challenge.